Description of Duties


  • Organize, deputize, supervise, oversee & manage operation of CWDA- Chair CWDA meetings.

  • Ensure Directors have good general knowledge of CWDA, STP, District 12, and OFSC Policies.

  • Attend and report on STP, District 12 and Stakeholders meetings.

  • Write articles for Northern Son Trails and submit to STP as per schedule.

  • Ensure CWDA Incorporation papers are filed annually.

  • Act as liaison between CWDA and community groups / city council with regards to events, concerns, charities.

  • Ensure that 2 voting delegates attend OFSC AGM / Convention annually.

  • Cheque signing authority - Authorize CWDA Purchase Reimbursements.

  • Maintain insurance records / requirements as per OFSC Insurance Policy.

  • Review STP / Club Roles & Responsibilities document annually and request changes to STP by June meeting.


  • Assume duties of President if he / she is unavailable.

  • Ensure Directors have good general knowledge of CWDA, STP, District 12, and OFSC Policies.

  • Authorize CWDA Purchase Reimbursements.

  • Ensure Land Use Permission is received for all CWDA trails as per OFSC/STP LUP Policy.


  • Keep a simple but accurate set of financial records – Order cheques and balance monthly Bank Statements.

  • Deposit funds into bank on a timely basis - Cheque signing authority.

  • Prepare monthly Treasurer’s Report for CWDA meetings and Year-end Report for October meeting.

  • Prepare Financial Report for June OFSC Operations Report as per OFSC Membership Policy.

  • Renew Wahnapitae Postal Box rental annually - Ensure that CWDA Property Taxes are paid annually.

  • Ensure that Directors & Officers Insurance, Membership dues are paid to OFSC within 2 weeks of invoice.


  • Take, type, and distribute minutes of each meeting and correspondence.

  • Keep track of outstanding past meeting business until resolved.

  • Keep Meeting Minute/Motions Book up-to-date.

  • Arrange room for meetings

  • Maintain adequate stock of stationary and stamps - Collect mail on regular basis.

  • Provide STP with Director updates following CWDA AGM.

TRAILS Coordinator

  • Ensure all trail conditions are up to OFSC standards as per OFSC Trail Management Policy.

  • Meet with “Trail Sponsors” to discuss and plan any work necessary.

  • Oversee trail work planning and crews required to perform brushing, bridge maintenance, etc.

  • Manage trail maintenance equipment, supplies and keep inventory.

  • Prepare trail-funding (Development, Environment, District, STP) applications. Maintain bridge inventory.

  • Present proposed Trail Projects for upcoming season at April CWDA meeting.

  • Notify STP of any map changes / corrections.

SIGNAGE Coordinator

  • Ensure trail signage is up to OFSC standards as per OFSC Signage Policy.

  • Meet with “Trail Sponsors” pre-season and inform of changes.

  • Oversee signage planning and crews required for signage installation and removal.

  • Check and record signs on CWDA Sign Installation Report.

  • Manage signage equipment, supplies, and keep inventory, maintain CWDA signage shed.

  • Review results of STP Signage Audit and ensure corrections are made.

  • Prepare signage order requirements and forward to STP annually.

  • Attend STP Signage meetings, or send alternate representative.


  • Review OFSC Trail Management Policy & Procedure Manual annually with Board.

  • Communicate policy to Members annually at October AGM.

  • Coordinate volunteers to correct an emergency situation on trail when necessary.

  • Complete Incident Reports and notify STP of any incidents on CWDA trails.

  • Provide Activity Reports to Wardens.

  • Provide Signage Installation Reports to Signage Coordinator and Trail Sponsors.


  • Attend and represent CWDA interests at STP Groomer meetings, or send alternate representative.

  • Work with Trails Coordinator to resolve grooming issues.

  • Maintain grooming schedule with STP to ensure adequate coverage as per STP Grooming Policy.

PERMIT & Membership Coordinator

  • Distribute permits / maps to local selling establishments / training of sellers.

  • Collection of funds / unsold permits, reconcile and return to STP as per schedule.

  • Keep accurate record of all sold / unsold / returned permits & memberships – reporting regularly to Board and

  • STP administration as per OFSC/MTO Permit Policy.



  • Review Alcohol Policy annually with Board.

  • Communicate policy to Members annually at October AGM.

  • Ensure policy material is available for events.


  • Coordinate scheduling / training / review of CWDA Trail Patrollers.

  • Set up spot-checks on trails as per OFSC/STP Patrol Policy.

  • Coordinate spot-check location / identification with Land Use Permission person.

  • Ensure trails and CWDA events are wardened.

  • Attend STP Chief Trail Patrol meetings, work with STP Ops. Director & STP Chief Trail Patrol Coordinator.

  • Manage distribution of vests/jackets and supplies to active Trail Patrollers.

  • Provide Trail Patrollers with CWDA Activity Reports to document observations on trails.

  • Ensure that Trespass Notices / Patrol Hours are submitted to STP Chief Trail Patrol Coordinator on schedule.

VOLUNTEER Coordinator

  • Maintain CWDA Volunteer Manual with updates, volunteer training.

  • Maintain Volunteer Master Listing and hours of all club volunteers based on data provided by Directors.

  • Submit CWDA Volunteer List annually to District Volunteer Coordinator for OFSC Volunteer Recognition Daw.

  • Manage Volunteer Recognition / Award programs under direction of Executive.

  • Coach CWDA members on new volunteer recruitment activities.

  • Provide a contact point for persons interested in volunteering for CWDA.

  • Distribute STP Volunteer Appreciation Dinner & Dance tickets to volunteers, reconcile with STP after event.





  • Coordinate the organization of OFSC/MTO Driver Education classes between CWDA Instructors.

  • Coordinate ordering of materials with Treasurer, distribute materials to Instructors - Forward monies earned to Treasurer, submit license receipts and exams to OFSC.

  • Maintain a log of students registered and taught as per OFSC Driver Education Policy.

  • Provide STP with dates of scheduled courses.


  • Teach scheduled OFSC/MTO Driver Education course as per OFSC Driver Education Policy.

  • Maintain a log of students registered and taught with Driver Education Coordinator.

  • Forward monies paid by students to Dr. Education Coordinator.

Fundraising / RAFFLE Coordinator

  • Coordinate fundraising activities and represent club at STP Raffle meetings.

  • Organize ticket sellers / ticket distribution / ticket sellers.

  • Coordinate money collection / ticket returns.

  • Keep accurate record of ticket location / ticket holders and report progress to Board on a regular basis.



  • Prepare scheduled newsletter prior to CWDA meetings.

  • Distribute newsletter to all members prior to CWDA meetings as per schedule.


  • Coordinate sale of tickets with outlet and ticket agent.

  • Obtain annual Lottery license, Police Checks, Applications.

  • Manage separate bank account for lottery funds, report activity to Board on a regular basis.

  • Ensure funds are used per Ontario Lottery Guidelines.


  • Take photos and maintain club photo album.

  • Provide photos to STP for insertion into Northern Sno Trails.

Merchandise Coordinator

  • Coordinate purchase / sales of all CWDA promotional items.

  • Provide record of all transactions / inventory to Treasurer.



  • Will patrol trails as per Chief Trail Patrollers request

  • Will conduct all duties as per wardens manual

  • Will send in reports of patrols to Chief Trails Patroller in timely fashion


  • Represent CWDA at Snowarama meetings.

  • Solicit donations on behalf of CWDA.

  • Attend event and submit donations on CWDA behalf.

Trail Sponsors

  • Will perform trail maintenance work on trails as per Trails Coordinator request.

  • Will perform signage work as per Signage Coordinator request



  • Coordinate event type, making certain that all details of the event meet with approval of Board of Directors.

  • Coordinate event location, date, & time including site reservations.

  • Arrange for any necessary license and insurance requirements.

  • Book/reserve any special equipment/materials and arrange for pickup, delivery and return.

  • Book entertainment, food, and order liquor as required. Coordinate administration of Alcohol Policy.

  • Arrange for event advertising through posters and/or the media.

  • Arrange for any media representation on day of event.

  • Coordinate volunteers to solicit/purchase prizes or awards.

  • Coordinate volunteers for pre-event set up and preparation, event day–registration, crowd control, designated drivers, etc. as event warrants, post event clean up.

  • Keep accurate record of financials - submit CWDA Event Revenue and Expense Statement to Treasurer / Board to be presented at meeting following event.

  • Provide STP with event/activities info for insertion onto Web Page.